National gymnastic complex «MGA», Baku, Azerbaijan

Recently, our company has completed work on the acoustic preparation and installation of a sports sound system in the National Gymnastics Complex — MGA Milli Gimnastika Arenası, Baku Azerbaijan.


The acoustic calculation of the sports sound system, made on the basis of the 3D model, showed that the speech intelligibility (STI) coefficient in the hall is 0.45, which does not meet the international standard IEC 60849 according to which the STI should not be less than 0.5

In this regard, our company has developed a unique project for the acoustic preparation of a sports complex.


To achieve a comfortable acoustic environment, 8,000 acoustic buffs (Polywrap Sound Baffle) were applied. Applying this solution, we managed to reduce the reverberation time (RT60) to 3.5 seconds and the speech intelligibility was 0.6, which is a very good indicator. Thanks to its laconic design, easy way of mounting, these panels create the impression of weightlessness, elegance and fit perfectly into the overall design of the sports complex.