Sports Palace Youth

It is never easy to carry out technical equipping of large sports facilities. Not only because sometimes they are simply huge, and it is necessary to perform a sea of work with laying hundreds of meters of all kinds of communications. And also because the peculiarities of their architecture make all the work uneasy, and the final adjustment of the equipment is extremely difficult.

So it was in the Sports Palace «Youth» in Zaporozhye. To eliminate the effect of the «echo» in the huge arena, installation under the roof of the sound-reflecting screens according to the calculated scheme was required. For these works, a team of professional mountain climbers was installed. They also helped to mount high-altitude sports lighting.
High-quality sound was obtained thanks to the unique technology of the German company Fohhn Audio AG, which for more than 25 years has specialized in the production of professional loudspeakers. Its speakers have excellent digital amplifiers and signal processing technologies, which makes them simply irreplaceable when working on complex objects.
And, as a result, the work of our company was accepted by the customer with an excellent evaluation!