Sports Palace in Muscat

In 2018, AVT AND INSTALLATION has agreed to cooperate with the Minister of Sports of the Sultanate of Oman.

In 2019, on the basis of the cooperation agreement, there was signed contract between AVT AND INSTALLATION (Great Britain) and Kanza (Sultanate of Oman) for the supply and installation of acoustic panels for the Sports Palace in Muscat, which is a part of Central Sports Complex named after Sultan Qaboos.

According to this agreement, AVT AND INSTALLATION has created acoustic design project of the Palace of Sports and with the help of acoustic panels has declined reverberation in the playroom, which will provide with intelligibility of speech (STI) in accordance to international norms that apply to sports arenas.

This is the first of indoor sports facilities in the Sultanate of Oman among others, which require the same acoustic solutions our company is planning to implement within this country.

Delegation of AVT&Installation company has visited Sultanate of Oman.

Within the period of 29-30 of October, representatives of AVT&Installation company: Head of Development Department — Dmitry Bondarenko and Head of the Gulf region countries Andrey Tivonenko have held meetings regarding cooperation with  Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sports Affairs of Oman/ Minister of Sport of Oman Mr Rashad Ahmed Al Hinai and other responsible persons of Sultanate of Oman.
As a result of the visit, were reached agreements on the participation of AVT&Installation company in the construction of a number of sports facilities in Oman, including new football arena and Ice Palace, as well as the reconstruction of the multifunctional arena of Sport Palace of the sports complex.


Our company pleased to announce about new project.  — The lighting system at Doha Port for the celebration of Qatar National Day, which will take place on December 18th.

AVT&Installation Ltd have performed the design and now supplying equipment and performs installation work at the site.

This lighting project consists of full-color dynamic RGB Led flood lighting for Control Tower, Entrance Gate, Exit Gate and contour LED lighting for three warehouses.


Each of the buildings has the ability of separate lighting control that allows you to create new lighting scenarios every time you want.

It will emphasize the unique holiday mood and a sense of fairy tales.

More than 300 pcs. of lighting fittings and more than 3500 m of cable will be installed at the project in very tight deadlines.


Our company is the official distributor FOHHN AUDIO you can make sure of this by going to the special site:

Fohhn ist seit 25 Jahren auf die Entwicklung, Fertigung und den Vertrieb von professionellen Lautsprechersystemen für mobile Beschallungen und Festinstallationen spezialisiert.

Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der ganzheitlichen Systemintegration im Rahmen anspruchsvoller Projekte. Hierbei überlassen die Experten von Fohhn nichts dem Zufall und unterstützen ihre Kunden von der Systemplanung über die Einmessung bis hin zur Endabnahme.