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Doha Port Lighting Project

Our company pleased to announce about new project.  - The lighting system at Doha Port for the celebration of Qatar National Day, which will take place on December 18th.

AVT&Installation Ltd have performed the design and now supplying equipment and performs installation work at the site.

This lighting project consists of full-color dynamic RGB Led flood lighting for Control Tower, Entrance Gate, Exit Gate and contour LED lighting for three warehouses.

Each of the buildings has the ability of separate lighting control that allows you to create new lighting scenarios every time you want.

It will emphasize the unique holiday mood and a sense of fairy tales.

More than 300 pcs. of lighting fittings and more than 3500 m of cable will be installed at the project in very tight deadlines.

Palace of Sport: Acoustic sound system Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

We are glad to announce that the next Palace of Sport got the best sound system, thanks to design solutions from company AVT-Installations.
Friends, only four months for delivery and installation of equipment, sounds impossible to perform? We allow ourselves not to agree, and the Palace of Sports in the city of Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan is great example of this.
Tight deadlines of the project failed to affect the teamwork of employees from AVT-Installations company.
Implementation of the project and installation work thanks to the professionalism and dedication of the mounting department were completed on time and in accordance with international standards.
Speech sounded throughout the area exceeds STI> 0.5, which corresponds to the international standards for sports facilities (IEC 60286).
Sound system works very evenly (deviation of pressure does not exceed 3 dB) in the full frequency range (40Hz-18000Hz), by using wide-band speakers with sub-woofers.
We invite everyone to visit the Palace of Sport in the city of Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, and check out the quality of decisions on loudspeakers from the company AVT-Installations.
And do not forget, and we have the solution for you!



We are pleased to announce that project solution of AVT&Installation

Company for the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, Azerbaijan was

implemented in reality. Despite the insane lack of time to project hand

over, our company was able to complete all the installation work and

conduct commissioning of equipment in time. Purposeful use of modern

solutions in sound systems and successful implementation of acoustic

panels made us an official representative of Acoustical Solutions (USA)

in Eastern Europe. The winners are not afraid of risk, because they know

that the most at risk are the ones who do nothing, and only a constant

challenge gives real confidence.

We have solutions for you!